Troubleshooting For The Kenmore Range F20 DTC

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    Here are some simple methods to help you fix the Kenmore f20 range error code issue. FYI: Frigidaire calls this error F20 “loss of communication between EOC and ESEC system”. Suggested Action: Check P4 (EOC) and P11 (Surface Control Board) harness/connections. Faulty UIB, Surface Control Board or EOC. “

    This code indicates a communication problem between the electronic controller and the user interface board. First, the connections between P4 on the controller and P7 on the interface should be checked. The reason may be a loose connection of the box. To access the controls, unscrew the 2 screws at the ends of the plate and practice with the console. Be sure to turn off the power first. Disconnect and then reconnect common ribbon connections. Now plug in the power again, if the style disappears it’s ok. If it’s still there, turn off the intensity again. Now remove the connection established by the P7 interface and rewind the device. If the program is saved, you need to replace the electronic control number 316418780. If you replace it, the interface number 318335826 will disappear. If you are not sure that you can solve this problem yourself, you can ask the technical serviceand Sears support to solve it in your home. Here is a link to the original site:

    Sears Household services

    .If you need more advice, post your question back with much more details.

    Safety Notice

    : Be sure to power off your device before performing any troubleshooting steps. If you are not satisfied with the voltage checks and repair recommendations, contact your local service center for repairs. Please note that there may be sharp edges inside electronics that could cut or injure you or others.

    These error prefix explanations may help solve the only problem that Kenmore can control your off-grid electric stove with glass touch screen. You can find range errors in the oven electronic control board codes and in the cooktop codes of your current surface burner controls. For repair assistance, visit the PartsDirect Repair Services section, which includes repair assistance.mount refrigerators, other essentials, play and garden equipment, garage door openers, vacuum cleaners and more. Search for any model number to find a complete list of replacement parts for your range.

    kenmore range error code f20

    Error code


    Do-It-Yourself Tips


    Uncontrolled temperature, the hob heats up when no cooking cycle is programmed, or the hot and cold oven temperature sensor is defective


    Acceleration means that the oven temperature is constantly rising above the set heating temperature, because a stuck relay on this electronic oven control board is constantly heating this oven element. The electronic oven control unit remotely registers the oven temperature using the oven temperature sensor. A faulty oven temperature sensor can potentially cause the electronic controller to help detect an incorrect oven temperature. Check Resistance on the temperature sensor using a multimeter. You can measure immunity levels around 1080 ohms with an oven temperature probe at room temperature. Replace the oven temperature sensor if the resistance drops above 200 ohms. A damaged wiring harness can cause the computer files with the oven board controller to currently detect incorrect oven temperature sensor resistance. Replace the wiring harness if it is defective. If the oven room sensor and cable are OK, replace the electronic oven control as it does not recognize the set temperature. Also replace the electronic model control board if the oven material is constantly heated due to the fixed relay.


    Possible details

    Is there a reset button on a Kenmore range?

    There was always a red button on the back that made resetting a bit easier. Disconnect the plug from the outlet and remove the bottom rear panel to access the thermal switch. Also, reset the switch to its original position to make sure the bottom oven is actually heating up properly. If you cannot adjust this switch, you may need to replace them.

    Oven temperature sensor, electronic oven control panel, safety belts


    Defective touchscreen glass


    Unplug the stove for 30 seconds, thenturn it back on to restore power. If all codes persist after power is restored, remove the stove and check the rhythm connection harness between the glass lid and the electronic oven lid. If the cable connection is good, replace the glass experiment panel. If the code does not disappear after replacing the touch glass panel, update the oven electronic control board.

    What does F20 mean on a Kenmore stove?

    Communication interrupted between


    Possible details

    How do you fix F2 code on Kenmore oven?

    Disconnect the power cord and let the oven run. Turn the stove back on and wait for the oven to heat up. If so, this may indicate a stuck electronic oven control relay or a short circuit and malfunction of the oven element.

    Electronic glass touch panel, tandoor control panel

    F12, F13, F15, F16, F17, F18 and LINE ERROR

    Electronic oven control card error


    Unplug the stove for half an hour, then plug it back in to restore power. If the coupon persists after power up, repair the zone and replace the heater electronic control board.


    Possible details

    kenmore range error code f20

    Electronic pot control panel


    The glass touch screen is originally designedSeparated from the electronics of the oven control board


    Unplug the stove and check the wire connection between the glass touch panel and the oven electronic controls. If the wiring harness is OK, replace the side glass. If the code does not disappear after turning the touch glass panel over, replace the oven electronic control board.

    How do I reset my Kenmore oven?

    Press Johnson’s “7” on the Kenmore Elite keyboard.Hold down the “7” button for an incredible six seconds until you hear a beep.Na Press the start button once on this particular keyboard. This will reset each oven to factory default settings.


    Glass Help

    Possible touch panel, electronic card for oven maintenance


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  • Communication error between your oven’s electronic control board and surface combustion control system


    Unplug the stove and scan the wiring harness connections between our electronic oven control board and the surface burner control components, basically the glass touch screen and the UI control panel from the hob. If the harness connections are OK, contact a service technician y for inspection and repair, as the technician will check the voltage to determine the cause of the malfunction. Replace any parts deemed defective by a professional.

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